Bailando-ing across Cuba: Summer 2017

Narcos on NetflixWeirdly enough, it started towards the end of a pretty intense Narcos binge. “Lisa, we should go to Colombia! Wouldn’t you want to visit Medellin? Check out Pablo Escobar’s old stomping grounds?” We were looking for a place to visit as a follow-up to our epic trip to Iceland, and by all accounts, Colombia’s a beautiful and fascinating country to visit. Maybe this was “the chosen one”.

So I fired up the old KAYAK Explore website and started plugging in flight information from our nearby SFO, and lo and behold, round trip flights looked like they’d only be $400-ish. Not bad, but hey, nearby Panama was even cheaper, at around $300 or so.

And then my heart. Because right above the largest island in the Caribbean was a surprisingly low number. For a not-horrible-amount-of-money, I could cross off my #1 travel bucket list location: Havana, Cuba.

Lisa was awesome about giving the green light, and yada yada yada, hours after President 45 informed Americans that he’d be “canceling the last administration’s completely one-sided deal with Cuba“, Lisa and I boarded a flight for a week of exploring Havana and Trinidad, Cuba.

Oh, yeah, and we filmed it again.

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